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tal illnesses will climb 50 percent by 2020, making it one of the▓ five leading causes of disability and ▓death.Because of the social stigma associated with mental disabilities and a lack of public awareness, a mere 20 percent of young people with mental i▓llnesses worldwide get proper treatment."In

a choice betw▓een psychological counseling and a mental health clinic, I advise the latter," said Cao Qingjiu, head of children's ward at Peking University Sixth Hosp▓ital. "If a child's anxiety

or depression impairs daily functioning, take t



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hem to the hospital immediately."In Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a middle school recently installed closed-circuit TV cameras in classrooms to capture students' facial expressions an



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d behavioral changes to assess their ability to c▓oncentrate in class.Cao said security cameras can help identify children with ADHD. "A fleeting moment of ab▓sence of mind is normal, bu




t if a stud▓ent keeps fidgeting and can't focus for a long time, he should go see a doctor," he said.Liu, the clinical psychologist, described a phenomenon prevalent among his visitor

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be done. They need your money, time, compassion,” she s▓aid.In March the United Nations launched an appeal fo

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▓s at the hospital."Two-thirds of my patients were sent far away to their grandparents in early childhoo▓d," Liu said. "The sense of being abandoned frustrat▓es them and renders them vulnerable to emotional an

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xiety."Liu added that parents should stay close to their chi▓ldren as much as possible before age 6."No matter ho▓

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."Pl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatDanger of sugar to kids highlightedDanger of sugar to kids highlightedDanger of sugar to kids highlighted05-2

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1-2018 09:08 BJTExperts suggest pol▓icy moves to reduce intake of unhealthy drinksAs Chinese children consume more sugar-sweetene▓d beverages, experts are advising authorities to impose a▓ sugar tax to reduc

he year, but it remains

e the health risks that s▓uch drinks may bring.The World Health Organ▓ization has long appealed to countries to levy

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emotional or behavior▓al problems, including ADHD, depression or sel▓fharm, according to Liu Huaqing, head of the▓

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a suga▓r tax to reduce obesity and diabetes among children, a▓nd where that has been done the results appe▓ar po

alth i▓ssues

sitive.In Mexico, for example, a 10 percent tax on sugar-sweetened beverages was introduc▓ed in 2014. Two years l

rise among childre

ater, the country saw a 5.5 percent▓ drop in purchases of such drinks, followed by a 9.7 percent drop the second

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year. The largest decl▓ines were seen in the lowest socioeconomic groups.▓"There are no related policies for sugar

th issues ris▓e

-sweetene▓d beverages in China, and that's a major policy gap that needs to be addressed," said Douglas James N

among childre

oble, deputy representative of t▓he United Nations Children's Fund. "While children suffering from stunting and w

th issues rise among c

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health specialists warned of rising

asting are still present in China, obesity is steeply on the▓ rise."He strongly suggested that it's necessary for China t▓o impose mandatory regulations, such as a sugar▓ tax, to provide a healthier environment for c▓hildr

en.Chinese children's consumption▓ of sugar-sweetened beverages almost doubled from 1998 to

mental health issues among Chinese chi

2008, according to a report released on Friday by Peking University and UNICE▓F.The survey found that children in China's urba

n areas dra▓nk an average of 476 milliliters of sugary drinks daily in 2008, compared with

ldren and adolesce▓nts including atte

220 ml in 1998.Ma Guanshen▓g, chief editor of the report and director of the nu▓trition and food department at Peking University, said that even though the data are a decade old, they show a general trend.Experts have warn

ed that ▓sugar-sweetened beverages might put children's health at risk, incre


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ce a child will become obese."It will directly increase the energy intake of ▓children, which will stimulate the kids'▓ appetite," he said.Accordi

ng to a 201▓5 survey published by the New England Journ


al of Medicine, China's child obesity rate ranked highest amo▓ng the 195 countries surveyed and is one of the fastest-growing in the world."It

was also easy to connect the excessive intake▓ of sugar


y drinks with children's decayed teet▓h," Ma said.The fourth National Oral Health Survey in 2015 showed that 5-year-old Chinese children had a 7▓0

.9 percent chance of tooth decay, an increase of 5.8 p


ercentage points in 10 years.Ma also advi▓sed staying alert to other foods that contain added sugar锛峟or example, cakes and pastries.There is no

world standard for what a child's daily ▓consumption o

ues among them, he said.

He recommende

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